Friday, July 09, 2010

Corn Country

I’m going to change things up a bit here – at least for the entries from Columbus to Spokane.  I’m going to try the brief and sweet travelogue style.  Those who know me probably doubt I can be brief.

Leg: Columbus to Waterloo, IA

Miles covered: 642

The weather in Ohio started out cool and cloudy.  I only made it to South Vienna, Ohio before I needed to don the rain gear – Erica was right I should have put it on in Columbus.  Once past Indiana, the skies cleared and the sun came out.

So far the terrain is familiar.  There are areas that I’ve seen in Iowa where you can see forever; however, for the most part it looks like Ohio.

I’m blown away by how much corn is being grown.  I know Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, etc. are members of the corn belt but I’ve seen more corn today than I believe I have ever seen.

One thing I’ve never seen before is “crop dusting.”  Wow!!!  I was riding down the Interstate, I-80 I believe, and these two dots were swarming all around.  Getting up closer I could see that they were “dusting” the corn with whatever.  I’m not exaggerating to say that when these planes crossed the Interstate after finishing another pass, they couldn’t have been 100 feet off of the ground.  Must require some skill.

I’ll leave you with those thoughts as I need to rest up…I’ve got a little over 1500 miles remaining ‘til Spokane.

OK.  Really.  one last thought.  Peoria, IL is beautiful!  At least from I-74.  What a nice looking city.

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