Sunday, March 15, 2009

Roscoe Village

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date: 3/15/2009
distance: 145 miles
total elapsed time: 5:45
moving time: 4:00 (approx)

I picked up the R1200 from the dealer yesterday. Only two trips out and she was ready for the six-hundred mile service! The ride home was cold and gloomy so I took the shortest path possible (super-slab).

Today started sunny and a little warmer. It looked to be a good day for a ride. Erica chose to join me today. This would be her first ride on the new bike. As this post's name implies, Roscoe Village was our destination but we first had to stop to get the lady some warm riding gloves.

Gloves on hand we headed for Roscoe.

As we left Columbus the sunny skies turned grey. It felt much cooler. I believe that Erica may have suffered a bit as she hasn't yet found a pair of riding pants.

Traffic on the route was light and SR-541 was the highlight of the ride. In contrast to SR-62 west of Martinsburg, SR-541 runs straight through the hills! Sweeping curves and constant elevation changes keep things interesting as farm houses and livestock sweep by.

First impressions of Roscoe Village reminded me of the Netherlands. Albeit a hilly version but the Netherlands none-the-less. The buildings are all brick three-story structures. Storefronts line the street filling the first story of the historic buildings.

After a quick potty break, which was no doubt bought on by the cold, we sat down for lunch at Lock 27 Pub. The lady had fish and chips. I chose the "Ribs, Wings, and Rings" basket. Neither of us were overly impressed with our meals, but as we had discussed over lunch, this was probably because we both have joints near home that we consider to do the best wings, ribs, and fish (e.g. Hickory House and Old Bag of Nails).

After lunch we waddled around town checking out the Visitor Center, shops, etc. We nearly walked by River Ridge Leather. I'm glad we didn't because we really enjoyed seeing all of Dennis's hand made creations. I even picked myself up a new belt! :-)

Except for the stop in Granville for a rest and some warm beverage, our trip home was a straight shot on SR-16.

We could have spent many more hours in Roscoe Village. Even overlooking all of the "kitche shops" we left much of the village undiscovered. I'd like to think that this is because we intend to return.

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